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Providing Polk County individuals, and small businesses, corporate-level technical support from specialists in their own community.

Our specialists come equipped with a wide range of experience. In addition, our technicians are trained to work through any issue with a calm demeanor and patience at every step.

We will work with you to find a solution that is affordable and reasonable. Our help desk is reliable and trustworthy. One you can feel confident when referring to your friends and family.
Elderly couple tablet in hand smile

Our Dynamic Services

For Individuals

• Computer Repair & Tune-Up
• Smartphone Training & Configure
• Printer, Scanner or Monitor Help
• Internet Based Troubleshooting
• Setup Email Filters
• Personalize Files & Folder System
• Security Checks & Prevention
• Threat Detection & Remediation
• Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

For Businesses

• SEO Optimization
• Google Business Profile Publishing
• Website Development
• Social Media Account Creations
• Marketing Campaigns
• Graphic Design and Writing
• App Development Flowcharts
• PowerPoint Presentation Building
• General Consulting

Service Options

Chavela P.

"They helped me with an issue I had with FB … I was hacked. They walked me through the site so I could better understand what was going on!  He was a very patient young man & knows his stuff!!"

Vera L.

"I am extremely happy with the service and quality of care that they provided me.  With a high level of patience, went above and beyond anything I have experienced in the past. I highly recommend this service.  Refreshing"

Irenie K.

"Jaymes was a great help for me. Understanding my problem and straightened everything out. He is very patient and a true gentleman."
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