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What is Domain Forwarding?

A Domain Forwarder (masking/parking) is an alternative address that links to the webpage of your choice. For example I use JBvs.Tech for QR codes as it generates less blocks and I can use a smaller image. I can also put it on things such as yard signs or flyers where people don't have long to look at it, or maybe they don't speak the language enough to remember a word like "Ventures". For example in Brazil politicians have numbers associated with them for people who can't read. They know a certain politician is 222, so when they go to the voting booth they look for that number.

The first time I set one up for a client was because they happened to have the same name as a cosmetic company so they were getting the wrong calls. By setting up a Domain Forwarder they were also able to have shorter suffixes with their email addresses. Example, for mine I would be able to use (not setup at this moment as I am still rolling this feature out) Having a shorter email address frees up more room on business cards, making them look cleaner. However people could still go to the original website that they know by memory.

It could also be used to send people to a certain page. Allowing companies to do more precise data analytics. You can also create sub sites, such as employee only or knowledge base areas that aren't accessible from the main navigation bar. These allow you to get the most out of your web package while not breaking its original structure.

Trying to get various computer systems to see a term like I would need to present it in different ways. If I wanted Twitter to be able to associate it I could use a hashtag like #jbvstech or if I was coding something I couldn't use "jbvstech" I'd have to use "". Whereas just jbvstech could get lost in a phrase like jbvstechnology. Putting the term in parentheses lets the system know it's that exact string of data. So if I created a program to insert whatever I have in quotes into the address bar and hit enter it would need to have the "." to go to the website otherwise it would just do a search.

Ready for the fun part?

The mere fact of me typing this blog is not only informing you of the use of this feature but also allowing search engine to associate my website with these exact terms and the formats that I use them. So now when somebody searches for jbvstech in 3 months I should probably show up within the first page of results. If I wanted to accelerate this I would search the term "jbvstech" myself on each of the major search engines, on several different devices. Once my page starts to show up I would click it every time, making this term look more referenced and letting the search engines know that people are looking for the occurrence that's related to my website.

I hope you enjoyed this first entry into my blog, that it was informative and not too repetitive. Stay tuned for future insight into technology!!!

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