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Jaymes Baker


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In the every changing world of tech, my venture began after witnessing my uncle, battling dementia, fall victim to cyber intruders. Imagine the frustration of computer problems when your reality is already fading. Early on, my clients were largely from Alcoholics Anonymous which were sharing personal details in meetings. Malicious individuals exploited this trust, guessing passwords. No one addressed these vulnerabilities, leaving those in need of digital defense supportless.

My mission is to create a network of independent tech pros, like Uber drivers, paid for results, not just hours. I experienced being undervalued despite hard work and skill. Traditional tech roles were changing; people needed more trust and opportunity. Hence, I launched and started developing my own platform. My company is a haven for those without IT support. Unlike others, I prioritize convenience and approachability. For small businesses that may not be a good fit for an MSP, they can find self-sufficiency with us. I help develop other emerging companies seeking affordable web, marketing, and content solutions. Our services evolve with what the community needs!

Personally, I'm a huge music enthusiast, finding solace in new soundtracks yearly. Gaming and movies are my escape, and I love reading—especially on eastern thought, stoicism, psychology, and Sci-Fi.

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